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Ervin Molnar

Artist's Statement/Quote

Ervin is a professional artist born and raised in Ontario, Canada. They say some were born with a silver spoon; Ervin Molnar was born with a brush in hand. Even at the young age of 12, teachers would tell him his perspective of utilizing colors to create images was way beyond his years. His father Paul Molnar, also an accomplished artist, has been an inspiration, providing encouragement and support early on in life. Paul helped mould his young son’s talent at the age of six creating their first composition together.
Countless articles have featured Ervin’s talent and accomplishments, including a CBC interview about Ervin’s wildlife painting and success in the field with his works of art. This accomplished artist had produced art for Ducks Unlimited. Ervin has gained notable recognition as a professional artist.
He has a love for animals and a passion for the outdoors that forms his genre of art. Ervin enjoys creating different kinds of art. He loves to dabble with different mediums and styles including figurative, landscapes and still-life art pieces. He paints for an inner need not for fame or glory, utilizing several mediums of paint in each composition in order for him to achieve desired results.

Awards/Special Exhibits

“I try to capture the pure essence of my thoughts and mood onto a blank canvas with nothing more than a paint brush, a tube of paint and an imaginative mind.”
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